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The history of the farm began in 1813 when Domenico Mapei Mapei - notary in Nocciano, honest and upright citizen - buy the small but flourishing Franciscan monastery belonged to the monastic orders suppressed by edicts of Napoleon. After Don Domenico, who restored and adapted to house a former convent, even his sons gave prestige to the lineage Mapei. Camillo, the first priest then devoted husband, his life was certainly novel but rather short and mainly abroad. His fratelloVincenzo Mapei, lawyer, agronomist and excellent textile entrepreneur, gave new life to the former convent where he planted a silkworm nursery for rearing silkworms and a spinning-weaving craft. The expert rearer, wrote a manual entitled "The reeling of silk" and won a prize at the International Exhibition of Paris of 1885 with its special silk fabrics.