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The history of the farm began in 1813 when Domenico Mapei Mapei - notary in Nocciano, honest and upright citizen - buy the small but flourishing Franciscan monastery belonged to the monastic orders suppressed by edicts of Napoleon. After Don Domenico, who restored and adapted to house a former convent, even his sons gave prestige to the lineage Mapei.

Camillo, the first priest then devoted husband, his life was certainly novel but rather short and mainly abroad. His fratelloVincenzo Mapei, lawyer, agronomist and excellent textile entrepreneur, gave new life to the former convent where he planted a silkworm nursery for rearing silkworms and a spinning-weaving craft. The expert rearer, wrote a manual entitled "The reeling of silk" and won a prize at the International Exhibition of Paris of 1885 with its special silk fabrics.

His son Pietro, born in Catignano, he married Nicoletta Clement of Notaresco in 1835 and had 5 children: Concettina contracted marriage with the Secretary of the municipality Vincenzo Nanni, Luigina - that accasò with Dr. Pierangeli - woman was so vivid that his genius love of culture and art, made his home a little literary salon frequented by Latin scholars Louis Illuminati, Domenico Tinozzi and Cesare De Titta; Nicolascelse military career but in the meantime modernized the company providing it with important structures. He was also author of wines made from very special quality: the tradition of the barrel of mulled wine - wine festivals - dutifully filled her life with each new vintage, was that he began and still maintains, that young Sophia married Dr. Charles Romualdied had eight children, Camillo, very able lawyer of Cassation, the company infused the spirit of enterprise agriculture that still breathes.


The death of Camillo Mapei in 1957, marks the extinction of the male line descendants of the family name, because Peter, the eldest born of the marriage to Ida de Francis, died at the age of 21.

"The engineer" had strong relationships with all major architects of the intellectual movement of the twentieth century, by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Giacomo Balla, Fortunato De Pero to Soffici. And it is that the Futurists Farm Mapei devotes its wine production, wine by the name of calling every one of those artists and by doing so, each of them, a reverent homage in memory of actuality of their commitment.

Today Pietro Tonini, son of Dino and Sofia Mapei - design engineer with sophisticated electronic equipment - to carry on the tradition of family farming has dedicated more than forty years in viticulture and olive growing. With her daughter Eleanor - professional agronomist - by the production of oils and wines of the author. Camillo, his brother and his daughter Magdalene, following the promotion of products and Angela Florio and Valerio - nephew and brother in law - coordinate communication. The Farm Mapei is therefore by far, with love and passion that goes with it, a family business.